The mystery of

I know that working for London escorts may be surrounded by mystery for a lot of people out there. If you are even contemplating a career working for a London escorts service, there may be questions that you want to ask. Like so many other girls, I was worried about my future if I started to work for a London escorts service. After all, you can’t really put that you have been an escort in London on a CV. At the time I was really in dire need of a decent paying job. I threw caution to the wind, gave up my job in what I called a titty bar in Soho and started to work for London escorts instead.

It turned out that I was pretty good at it, but I was still worried about my future. Could I escort for the rest of my life? I really did not think so, and as it was, I had precious little education to do anything else. London escorts had seemed like such a good option but now I was not so sure. After I had been with the agency for a couple of months, I had got to know the other girls at the top London companions I worked for in Mayfair. From what I could tell, it seemed that many of them had part time jobs. It sounded bad to me, but many of them worked in shops, and one of the girls even worked as a beautician on days off from London escorts and every Saturday.

The girl who worked as a beautician seemed like the most sensible girl to me so I asked her why she did not spend all of her time at the best escorts. “You can’t stick London escorts on a CV” she said and suggested I try to find what the girls often referred to as a cover job. She suggested that I got some training as a nail technician as it would give me something to do while I still worked at the escort agency in London, and after I had left. What had worried me a lot stopped worrying me at that moment. I knew that there must be a trick to it, and I guess this was it. Have another career on the side of what you do when you work in the adult industry in London is a bit of a must have.

It was the best advice I ever had. London is packed with nail training courses, and before I knew I had become hooked. Not only had I trained to become a standard manicurist, but I had also trained to do all of the fancy nail art stood. Yes, my London escorts career went well and I did achieve what I wanted to achieve. But I also got some insight why London escorts just seem to blend into the crowd after having finished their careers. They simply don’t put London escorts on a CV, and just take up what they call their “cover” job full time. Who said blondes are dumb?

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