What do you want out of life?

Can you be honest with just for once and tell me what you want out of life? It was Alan’s third week of training with me as his Busty Mistress and from what I could tell, he was still really rebellious. I would even go as far as to say that since I started working for east London escorts of https://www.cityofeve.org/east-london-escorts/, Alan was one the baddest and naughties boys that I have ever met. When we first started to date, he told me that he had this thing about chastity, but so far I have not seen so much of that.


Trying Alan at east London escorts, is a bit like cage training a naughty puppy. I have got him crawling behind me on all fours all of the time, but he can’t stop rubbing himself against my legs. He knows that he is a naughty boy for doing so, but he can’t himself. I can see why Alan has been through so many mistresses, I am pretty sure that they have had the same problem that I have been having. He so bad that I think that I am going have to take a second look at that derriere before he leaves my special training center tonight.


As I keep on saying to the girls at east London escorts, you are always going to come across one who continues to be bad no matter how well you train them. To try to get Alan to behave, I have even put a lock on him to make sure that h is a good boy when he is with me. But it seems that chastity that Alan truly wants eludes him at the moment. Next time he comes around, I simply think that I am going to have to take that key away.


I love training my boys, and when they are more challenging like my Alan, it can even become more exciting. Normally I would start to get to know a new pupil very slowly, but Alan said that he had experience. I am sure that he does, but I would like to speak to his former mistress. Was he the naughtiest boy in his class? I am really beginning to think so. Perhaps his former mistress was not firm enough with him, and this could be why I have ended up with so many problems.


Discipline is important at life, and here at east London escorts we take discipline very seriously. If you can’t behave, you know that you will ultimately have to visit the Busty Mistress at our escort agency in east London. Sometimes it can take a very long time to get a new pupil to behave, and I think that Alan is going to be one of those pupils. From what I can tell, he does not even do the home work that I have assigned him. When he comes back after a week, it is clear to me that he has not been practising what I wanted him to do. The result is always the same, he has to go and stand in my Corner of Shame,  go over his lessons, and than he just has to punished. Bad, bad boy but then I get all of the problem at east London escorts.

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