A Widow Enjoys Services Of An Escort

Mary is a 42-year-old widow who lost her husband 5 years ago, to a road accident. This means that she had stayed for 5 years without seeing another person. This was because she influenced the small community she lived in and didn’t want people to perceive her as this woman who didn’t have respect for her dead husband. But she also had her desires and could get horny every time she watched a sex scene or have a chat with his male colleagues.

She was also a mother of three and her last son was old enough to know it was wrong for her mom to sleep with another man. But one day, her friend advised her to check out escort agencies after she confide in her of her desires.

They went through https://cityofeve.com and stumbled upon one good looking escort who had a good review behind him. They set up a meeting at her friend’s house and the guy showed up that afternoon.

She was already in the house as the escort arrived. She knew she only had three hours before going back to pick her son from school. She was shy at first, but told him she wanted a good time for three hours. So, he approached her on the couch and kissed her.

They exchanged saliva and he started touching her boobs. He removed her loose dress and was now licking her navel. She started moaning “oh yes oh yes” and he pressed her boobs. They were soft and he decided to completely undo her bra.

He was licking right at the nipples as she was moaning heavily. He removed her panties and her pussy was wet. He started licking it then she pushed him away for a minute. She went into the kitchen and brought honey. The escort started applying it to her pussy and licking it then she moaned louder.

She removed his cock from his pant and started licking the mushroom head. She also applied honey and licked it further. She sucked it for 5 minutes before resting back on her back and whispered the magic words, ”Fuck me”.

He then inserted his dick inside her pussy. It was hard. No one fucked her for 5 years. She was crying in pain but she was enjoying. “Dave fuck me. Fuck me daddy. Aaaah fuck your lonely bitch. Make me your slave. Fuck me fuck me ahhhhh.” She gave many bad words as the pounding continued for an hour.

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